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Why Am I Addicted To Pain Pills?

You may be asking why me? How did I get to this point? Most people think they would never reach this point or be reading this guide to help cope with the effects of withdrawal. But the answer is simple, you are human. And like any normal human – you have the ability to become addicted to these available drugs that are available to you.

Developing an addiction problem takes a very short period of time for most people. But, it’s important to know not everyone is the same when it comes to developing an addiction. Many traits of physical and mental dependency originate from personality traits. It’s a fact that if you are someone that’s has a more obsessive personality, then chances are you are more susceptible to addition.

Everyone’s reaction is different and it’s important that during the withdrawal process, you must take into account your past medical history, the current medications you are taking and length and volume of which you were using opiates when you decided to break the addiction. Also, please use you best judgment and seek professional medical help if you feel you are in any type of physical or psychological danger during this process. I am not a doctor and each person’s withdrawal process may differ on a number of these factors I listed above. Ultimately, I urge you to seek a professional doctor and apply your best judgment during this process if you have any doubts that you may become a harm to yourself or the people around you.

  • Ralph

    Yes, it's true everyone reacts differently. I don't know how long this will last, but i'm hoping withdrawal aid works.

  • kristie

    I have been taking vicdon for almost 5 months and am stopibg takung them took them 3x a day took 2 (7.50) is detox gonna be bad and how long will it take